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5 Key Home Decorating Techniques That Will Make Any Room Better

5 Key Home Decorating Techniques That Will Make Any Room Better

By In Architecture

1.Create a focal point.

Just like in any production, there are supporting and leading roles in interior design. Pick your star, and consider it as a focal point. A focal point may be a kitchen’s dramatic hood, a living room art piece or a bedroom headboard.

2.Choose the paint color last.

There are literally hundreds of paint colors, shades and tones you can choose from. Each paint color would look different from room to room, home to home. Find the one that best complements your artwork, rug and upholstery. If you think you need help, there are many architecture firms in Malaysia that offer quality services.

3.Resist overcrowding in your rooms.

Make sure to give your furniture and other home accessories some breathing room. Remember, gracious living equates to maneuvering with ease. This is amazing news if you are operating on a tight budget. Don’t fill a lot of spaces with plenty of furniture.

4.Hang art pieces at the right height.

Museums and galleries hang art pieces so that the center of every frame is 58 inches to 61 inches from the floor. You should do the same, since the average eye level of humans is at 58 inches.

5.Don’t display all of your souvenirs and collectibles.

Not all of souvenirs and collectibles you got from your recent trip will blend well with your home’s interiors. Don’t hang on a particular piece that can’t fit.