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Beginners Guide on How to Play Online Roulette

Beginners Guide on How to Play Online Roulette

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Ready to win the online casino of your favorite? When you know how to play roulette, it’s easy to do. Not aware of that? We covered you with a short tutorial. Read it through and visit one of our suggested websites for free or for real money to learn your new skills.

Here’s how you can play and win online roulette:

Study the Wheel

If you sit down to learn how to play roulette online, the first thing you’ll notice is the hammer. It has 38 digits, 1 to 36 of them, a single zero, and a double zero. When you play the European version, there are only 37 digits, as there is no double zero. You will also note that there is no sequential display of the numbers. Rather, they are out of order, so switch from black to red, except for the white single and double zeroes.

In a live casino, the dealer spinning the roulette wheel is called the croupier. You will note that while the ball spins in the opposite direction, the wheel spins in one direction. Although playing online may not seem important to these issues, it is still good to know some of the game’s information.

When you continue to learn how to play roulette online, you will also find that when you start the game (this depends on the casino) the actual wheel may be completely stationary. After you have locked in your bets, it will spin. But you need to learn how the betting board works before you can do that.

The roulette board is where you place your bets, and if you want to learn how to play the game in the right way, you should review the board thoroughly. Remember these wheel numbers? On the wall they are repeated. But instead of being out of sequence, they are actually divided into three columns in a consecutive order, from left to right. Just drop your chips on the number, right on the felt, to bet on a number.

But it’s important to learn how to play roulette by making other bets before you drop all of your chips on one number. You can bet on the first dozen, the second dozen, or the third dozen instead of just betting on a specific number. You can also bet the first 18 numbers or the second 18 numbers on any of the three columns.

Certain bets you should be mindful of if you want to learn how to play roulette include street betting (betting on three numbers in a row beginning with the left column number), corner betting (betting on four numbers), split betting (betting on two numbers) and line betting (betting on six numbers).

Do you think you know all about how to play roulette online? Not so far. Don’t forget to bet or evens or odds on blacks or reds.