How to Avoid Getting Conned Online

Getting conned is not really surprising these days. In fact, you are already too lucky if you will not be victimized your whole life as there are so many people who do this. And the bad news is, they are now in the internet. They present themselves as different persons and victimized online users in different ways. This is also one of the downsides of being connected. But then again, there are ways so that you will not be catfished and if you are just wise and always vigilant, you should not be victimized by these kinds of people. 

So, how can you avoid being catfished? The following tips might be of help:

  • Reverse image search

Have you heard about reverse image search? This can be done by simply checking their pictures on Google. If you are in doubt of someone not being real, just do this and you will find if he is real or not. You will find out if the said pic will also appear in other platforms online and see if the identity is still the same or maybe, he is just using a pic of someone. This is really helpful and in fact, this is what you should do if you are chatting to someone new, even if he sounds real and he looks real. 

  • Love-struck admirers

There are a lot of people who will right away feel swayed when someone new sounds like he is too into her. She will right away feel beautiful and will even announce it in social media. If you have also came across a person like this, you should be wary as this is just too out of the blue. Unless you are really too beautiful, you can hardly find someone who will right away fall in love with you just after seeing your picture considering he also knows that pics now can be edited. Though of course, there are rare times when this is real, but you have to check as this is definitely a red flag. 

  • Ask a third party

There are times when you are part of the situation, you can’t see clearly. You will be blinded, especially that catfishers are usually intelligent or we can say that they know of some strategies. They will sound real and they are already well-versed in earning the trust of the people they plan to victimize. If you are in this situation, it is best to ask a friend or a third party as they can be a better judge as they can weigh things more without being biased. 

  • Meet sooner after a video call

If you are really interested with this person, it is best to have him in a video call just to make sure that he is really the one in the picture. And then, ask him to meet with you as soon as possible and if you are scared that he might not be as he said he is, you can ask someone to accompany you. Aside from that, be sure to meet with him in a place where there are many people and don’t be dragged to a place you are not familiar with or where you think you might be at risk. If he will really impose what he wants, it is best not to pursue any form of relationship. 

Yes, catfishing is an ordinary consequence online. But this does not mean you just give your getting connected because of this, especially that we are now in a situation where being connected is the best option. In fact, it is best to be with a reliable internet provider nowadays so that you will always be aware about the latest updates and will plan for your family accordingly. 

Do you live in Malaysia? If that is the case, you should take advantage of the services offered by Time fibre 100mbps home broadband Malaysia. This is an internet provider that can offer their services in varying groups like for households, for business and so on. They have different plans and their internet speed is up to 1gbps, which is the fastest in the country mentioned. 

It is really great to be online all the time as there might be some threats like those catfishers, in which you can just defend yourself with so many online tips, you can also take advantage of the many opportunities this digital platform can offer. Not only that, it is also here that you will be informed in so many ways. 

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