What Is A Hacker’s Goal?

With the advancement of technology, many people are reliant on computers and mobile devices to conduct their business, consume entertainment, read news and many more. Since the establishment of Facebook, there are many other social media apps to compete against Facebook, but to no avail. This resulted in some social media apps to be absorbed by Facebook instead, which ironically increased their profitability significantly. However, its surge in popularity becomes one of the main motivations for hackers to prey on their targets throughout multiple platforms.


It is not uncommon that you would hear stories of people receiving a text, email or call that would notify you that you have won a super expensive car or tell you that your credit card expired and you must give the caller its details. Although it can be shocking at first, you can identify the contact is a scam through logical deduction by recalling your recent activities and identifying the caller’s purpose. One of the main and most common goals of hackers is to gain the personal data of their victims and use it to siphon off their bank accounts and send messages to their family and friends to click on a link, which further increases their chance to fool more people into clicking their links. In most cases, hackers would target the elderly as most of them are not familiar with differentiating a scam message or call to the ones that the legitimate companies would send.


Major business companies are susceptible to the hackers as well as they prey on the private data that is stored within their system. Obviously, it can prove to be much more difficult to reach their database as they are protected by multiple layers of defenses. Additionally,

a penetration testing company in malaysia is hired by business companies to test the security of their system and detect any vulnerabilities within the system. Despite that, hackers have access to the same tools that are used by most penetration testing companies which allows them to create a software to bypass the company’s defenses. It also depends on how often the company is maintaining their defenses as new vulnerabilities can be made within a short amount of time or not found until their defenses are penetrated by a new, unfamiliar method. Facebook is one of the major companies that were reported being unable to protect their users’ data from hackers, leaking 87 million accounts to Cambridge Analytica, which is a data mining association that influenced Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. 


Despite having such a massive data breach and losing the trust of its users, many are still using Facebook until today as no other social media apps could compete against Facebook’s vast amount of features that even schools and universities are using Facebook to create a social group for educational purposes. It is also one of the main sources for business companies to advertise their products to their customers and easily raise their awareness without investing too much resources into creating their advertisement.


Obviously, the best way to prevent hackers from accessing all of your data is to ignore the text or turn down the phone call once you know it is not legitimate. But, it can be difficult to identify if it’s a scam or not, especially when it comes from a familiar contact. As more people learn about what to look out for, hackers are adapting to become more creative with their approach. If you happen to click the phish link, make sure you take the appropriate measure by changing all of your details as soon as possible.


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