What is Considered as Bad Entertainment?

Working 5 days a week from 8 am to 5 am is tiring. Indeed, very tiring. How come the weekend is only two days? After the long tiring days of working, we need some entertainment to relax our mind far from thinking about work. There is actually a lot of free entertainment that we can have in our own house. 

So, what are some of the entertainment that you can list out? Karaoke? Listening to music? Going to a concert? Relaxing at the gym? Swimming? Oh my god, there is too much entertainment that we can list out. However, all these entertainments that I mentioned are good entertainment. So what about bad entertainment? After all, entertainment is meant to grab the attention and interest of an audience. It is something that will bring delight and pleasure to the person. This is where entertainment could be bad as it may develop some negative behaviours. 

So, What is considered bad entertainment? I will give you a few examples of bad entertainment.


What is considered as bad entertainment?


  • Gambling

You may think that people are involved in gambling just to get money. Yes, it can be one of the reasons. However, most of them are gambling just for fun. Why did I say so? Just look at this website, https://v3casino.com/ that is rampant on the internet. You can also look here at best online betting in malaysia.  It is one of the games that most people enjoy and spend their time on. 

Apart from earning money, most people went to Casino because it is primarily an entertainment destination. They enjoy drinking and socialising with the loud music on the background. A research found out that the people that went there will set a target on how many times they will replay the game after losing. One thing that the gamblers don’t realize is this is just a marketing strategy of the Casino.

So, why gambling is bad entertainment? Well, I guess that you already have the answer. But, we will discuss more on this in the “what is considered as bad entertainment” part.

  • Vaping

Can you believe that some people vape just for the sake of entertainment? Yes, you read it right! This is true especially for teenagers that love to try new things. They just love the idea of talking, laughing and relaxing with their friends. For them, vaping would not do any harm for them if they just try it a bit to release stress. 

  • Watching pornography

I can say that watching pornography is a dangerous activity to be made as entertainment. Don’t ever try watching it even if you think that it is just for fun. The study found out that watching porn can damage the brain and make one more juvenile. When someone is addicted to porn, it is hard for them to undo it. It is totally not an activity to be made as entertainment.

So why all of these things that I mentioned above are bad entertainment? This is because anything that is a waste of time and not beneficial should not be taken as entertainment. You are relaxing, so why are you harming yourself at the same time?

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